Analytics & Research

Analytics & Research

MAGATH Analytics & Research team pursuing research activities in predictive modeling, high dimensional data mining, and related business intelligence infrastructure and solutions.
We are highly interdisciplinary in our approach .We incorporate advanced techniques from artificial intelligence, database management, information theory, pattern recognition and statistics in our work.

Our business analysts use a combination of advanced analytics, market research, decision sciences, and investment research to provide tactical and strategic business solutions.

We work closely with other MAGATH units active in this area, including various MAGATH research groups active in knowledge discovery, data mining, and data analysis and reporting.

Analytical research is a specific type of research that involves critical thinking skills and the evaluation of facts and information relative to the research being conducted.
Some researchers conduct analytical research to find supporting evidence to current research being done in order to make the work more reliable.
Other researchers conduct analytical research to form new ideas about the topic being studied. Analytical research is conducted in a variety of ways including literary research, public opinion, scientific trials and Meta-analysis.
We expand the frontiers of the use of technology in research and international development while adhering to all applicable standards and best practices for interoperability with existing systems and information security. Magath internationally recognized experts in data management and analytic computing develop effective and elegant programming solutions to specific, often complex problems.

Magath Data Systems, Applications, and Visualization – Our IT Solutions experts offer clients ways to use technology to collect and visualize data and support a wide range of automation to extend the impact of their programs or research activities.

We can turn your ideas into reality on the web or as a native app. We have developed projects using multiple user permissions, offline support, intuitive user interfaces, and data harmonization. We can help you tell a story with data. We can turn your raw numbers into actionable, inviting, and interactive displays.

Magath Data Science and Analytic Computing – Our data science and analytic computing experts are widely known for their skill in using advanced statistical modeling, simulations and predictive analytics in our research and evaluation.